T&DA is a child of multi-award winning visual effects studio Alt.vfx. It's ALSO the step BROTHER AND ROOM MATE of NEW HOLLAND CREATIVE.


A few other buzz words like experimental and immersive also apply.

Backed by industry heavyweights, we deliver complex projects with UNMATCHED support; allowing our creative brains to do the creative braining.

the people:

Piotr Stopniak

Award-winning creative designer and technologist

Raymond Leung

Creative technologist who helps devise and create our work across a variety of emergent technologies

Tyrone Estephan

A creative thinker who has led many award-winning projects across film, TVC & emerging tech

Mark Millar

Marketing and PR guru helping to lead the business development of T&DA

Hui Ying Kao

Hui brings a fun and gorgeous atheistic to our design work

Claudio Berinato

Dedicated motion designer and 3D artist

Martina Joison

Martina from Argentina - experienced Producer across VFX and emerging technologies

Nina Salter

When it comes to live content production, Nina makes the impossible = possible

Harry Gold

2D animator and illustrator (part of Australia's MAD Magazine crew)

Chris Fieldhouse

North American EP who is well versed in all things visual, including VR/AR/VFX

Colin Renshaw

CEO and Founder who was instrumental in the international growth of our friends, Alt.vfx

Dave Kelly

The Midfield General - Experienced EP and General Manager, who has helped grow many of the country's top post-production companies

Takeshi Takada

Takeshi is one of the most highly-awarded EP's in the Asia Pacific

Jodi Elsaesser

Jodie looks after the money as we make the honey

Sean Ryan

Award winning cinematographer with experience across 360 video, film, TVC and music videos.