T&DA is a child of multi-award winning visual effects studio Alt.vfx. It's ALSO the step BROTHER AND ROOM MATE of NEW HOLLAND CREATIVE.


A few other buzz words like experimental and immersive also apply.

Backed by industry heavyweights, we deliver complex projects with UNMATCHED support; allowing our creative brains to do the creative braining.

/ The People

Raymond Leung

Creative Director & Technologist Supreme

Tyrone Estephan

T&DA's frontal cortex, leading many award-winning projects across emerging tech, film & commercials

Sean Simon

Technical Artist with a strong passion in all things related to game development, AI, graphic design, VR/MR and film.

Lachlan Christophers

Developer who likes working with six screens, no less

Malinda McGuire

Our experienced mid field general

Nina Salter

When it comes to live content production, Nina makes the impossible = possible

Harry Gold

Resident caricature artist, famous from the Harry Gold Show www.youtube.com/c/TheHarryGoldShow

Sean Ryan

Cinematographer with experience across 360 video, film, TVC and music videos: http://www.sean-ryan.com.au/

Josh Kell

Our favourite online editor

Mark Millar

Essential cog in T&DA's brain trust & resident wordsmith (he didn't write this)

Colin Renshaw

Cannes Lions winning founder of Alt.vfx & our go to director extraordinaire!

Takeshi Takada

Co-founder of ALT.vfx & spreading T&DA's message through Asia Pacific