T&DA is a child of multi-award winning visual effects studio Alt.vfx. It's ALSO the step BROTHER AND ROOM MATE of NEW HOLLAND CREATIVE.


A few other buzz words like experimental and immersive also apply.

Backed by industry heavyweights, we deliver complex projects with UNMATCHED support; allowing our creative brains to do the creative braining.

/ The People

Sean Simon

Technical Artist with a strong passion in all things related to game development, AI, graphic design, VR/MR and film.

Josh Kell

Our favourite online editor

Takeshi Takada

Co-founder of ALT.vfx & spreading T&DA's message through Asia Pacific

Colin Renshaw

Cannes Lions winning founder of Alt.vfx & our go to director extraordinaire!

Tyrone Estephan

T&DA's frontal cortex, leading many award-winning projects across emerging tech, film & commercials

Raymond Leung

Creative Director

Nina Salter

When it comes to live content production, Nina makes the impossible = possible

Malinda McGuire

Our experienced mid field general

Harry Gold

Resident caricature artist, famous from the Harry Gold Show www.youtube.com/c/TheHarryGoldShow

Mark Millar

Essential cog in T&DA's brain trust & resident wordsmith (he didn't write this)