ARRR Pirate Day Filter

Dress like a Pirate

Dress like a Pirate

The Kids' Cancer Project
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The Kids’ Cancer Project uses money raised from Pirate Day to fund scientific studies that look into better treatments and ultimately a cure for brain cancer, which is the biggest killer by disease amongst children.

The socially-led Pirate Day campaign, aimed at driving awareness and inviting Australians to donate, offers an opportunity for people to virtually dress up as a pirate and show their support online using #PirateDay2021.

The “ARRRR filter”, a Spark AR Filter for Instagram and Facebook, lets users dress up as a pirate. After donating on, users can also unlock the special parrot, Rosie, by entering the code in their donation receipt. This filter can be accessed via @TheKidsCancerProject Instagram page or with the following link: