Bubble Pop

Real-time Virtual Influencers
Bubble Pop

Real-time Virtual Influencers

Johnson & Johnson

Agency KVUR & Johnson & Johnson sought new ways to engage an ever increasing demand for content on social channels. T&DA developed and created 2 bespoke characters, as social virtual influncers via the TIK TOK channels.

Each with their own unique traits and personalities Neon, edgy and cool and Pastel, sweet and cute. These two characters were set to create their very own TikTok dance challenge.

Keeping in line with the target audience T&DA decided to source an illustrator from South Korea to create character designs that would resonated with the region, aiming for a design that was familiar but fresh. Our character designer then supplied both Neon and Pastel's back story.

With the limited timing this project was set to be a 100% virtual production, and created entirely inside of Unreal Engine. This allowed us to puppet both characters live in real time.