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Falken Tyres

Augmented Reality App

Falken Tyres

Tyres are the one part of your car that touches the road and keep you traveling on the right path, avoiding accidents and collisions. In short, they keep us safe. What does the average consumer know about tyres? They’re black. They’re round. They’re made of rubber. So how can we change perceptions about what buying a premium tyre means for their car performance and safety?

Falken Tyres came to us with that problem.


Using stickers, posters, brochures, business cards and displays as markers, we developed a Falken Tyres AR App for Apple and Android devices, one that could be used by the customer using their own hand held devices, but also distributed to Tyre Dealerships, allowing dealers to showcase the key features of Falken’s flagship brand, the AZENIS FK510

In an almost gamified approach, users are encouraged to explore the different key features of the tyre, all the way through performance to build quality. In just 6 weeks, we were able to roll out the AR App to 500 dealerships nationwide – reaching a potential audience of up to 50,000 customers every week.

Falken Tyres new AR app is giving their nationwide sales team a valuable new way to interact with customers, and giving customers a new way to interact with their product.

The approach was to use technology to showcase innovation, one that gave the brand a higher level of engagement and recognition than ever before.