AI-image recognition and interactive web based metaverse

AI-image recognition and interactive web based metaverse

Rekorderlig Cider
Analog Folk

T&DA collaborated with New Holland Creative and the team at AnalogFolk to create this very unique interactive ai powered website.

It is brought to life through three vivid experiences, which feature delicate depictions of Rekorderlig’s fruit and flavours amidst backdrops of stunning, Swedish-inspired landscapes and soundscapes.

There are portals to worlds where the user can collect items whilst they explore magical worlds, and also experience an interactive music and visual experience powered by AI-image recognition technology. Visitors are invited to build beats by displaying hand and facial gestures.

Through the leading-edge technology, this immersive experience allows visitors to experience fun, re-imagined versions of the local sights and attractions of Vimmerby; inspired by the flavours of Rekorderlig cider.