Augmented Reality Competition





Samsung X Netflix


We Are Social Sydney

T&DA were approached by We Are Social, on behalf of clients Netflix & Samsung to explore the possibilities of promoting Australian’s first ever Netflix production via social media channels. Enhanced by the collaboration with Samsung, we created a ground-breaking experience that was fitting for Australia’s first Netflix TV show.

Leveraging T&DA’s relationship with the Facebook team, we were able to determine the maximum amount of data and information that could be streamed via Spark AR, the Facebook and Instagram AR platform. Once this had been determined, T&DA was able to conceptualize a way to use this AR platform in a first of its kind experience.

Having researched and developed the required components to ensure we had a solid base to start, we developed a user journey through social platforms, a messenger bot to communicate with users, a ground-breaking AR camera effect that superseded any previous such effect shown on this platform by adding a competition mechanic.

The AR experience encourages the user to find lost treasure, and as the user taps the winning Relic, they are sending a fetch command to our T&DA servers. Each successful tap (win or lose) has its details logged as an entry into a cloud database. A predetermined set of date and times representing the prize drops are created and entered into a second database so that the competition adheres to the legal requirements of the game being fair. This database is then cross-referenced server-side (to ensure that there is only one winner) with the entry database to determine the first entry after the specified date and time to be the winner.