Meta Spark AR Effect

Meta Spark AR Effect




Platoon Marketing

For the debut of Smith’s new flavor lineup and the recent premiere of Netflix’s “Rebel Moon,” T&DA was tasked with crafting an innovative experience, allowing customers to dive into the “Rebel Moon” universe right from the supermarket aisles. This engaging journey begins in the rugged tavern of Veldt, where participants can choose from three distinct flavors, each inspired by a character and planet within the Rebel Moon saga. From there, users are propelled into an exhilarating space adventure, navigating through an asteroid field to reach the planet’s surface, unveiling the intricate connections between the flavors and the film’s characters.

To capture the essence of the “Rebel Moon” world with precision, T&DA utilized official assets from Netflix’s production, meticulously refined to adhere to Meta Spark’s 4MB size constraint. A notable achievement was the compression of Kai’s freighter—a central element in the user’s voyage—reducing it from 1GB to an impressively efficient 1MB through our advanced optimization process.

Experience this immersive journey for yourself and explore the flavors and characters of the Rebel Moon universe. Try the effect here and embark on your own interstellar adventure.