Pixel Streaming Game



Introducing Visa Freestyler! Join the fun and swipe your way to World Cup glory!

Welcome to Visa’s Freestyler, the ultimate football juggling game brought to you by T&DA and VISA! Unleash your skills, master jaw-dropping tricks, and unlock new moves on your path to becoming a freestyle champion!

Choose from four incredible characters and show off your ball control. Swipe with style to activate a mesmerising array of tricks, earning points as you dazzle the crowd. But that’s not all!

In Visa’s Freestyler, memory is the key to success!  Memorise the moves you unlock and repeat them flawlessly at set intervals to keep that ball bouncing. Miss a beat, and it’s game over!

Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge as the game throws unexpected moves your way, forcing you to adapt in the blink of an eye!  With each new move, the difficulty increases, but so do the rewards. Can you handle the rhythm and keep up with the pace?️

We at T&DA are thrilled to have created this addictive game, from concept to completion, leveraging Meta’s pixel streaming capabilities.  Here’s the best part: every tap supports women’s football, including our beloved Matildas!  Let’s unite in the spirit of the Women’s World Cup and make this game a global sensation!

Join the Freestyler craze and challenge your friends to beat your high score! Download now and let the juggling madness begin!  Get ready to freestyle your way to the top!

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